Practice Facilitators

Practice facilitators are a new role in Newfoundland and Labrador and one critical component of the MyQ Program has been developing provincial capacity for this new position. In the context of the MyQ program, our practice facilitators support MyQ participants by:

  • Offering support to help team with changes related to the program;
  • Engaging practice teams in quality improvement;
  • Fitting change to each practices’ context and offer practical guidance for next steps;
  • Supporting and guiding teams to identifying appropriate tools and resources to facilitate practice improvement.


What is Practice Facilitation?

Practice facilitators are individuals who support physicians, clinics, and their teams to improve their patient care by guiding them through the testing and implementation of changes to optimise clinical and non-clinical processes. Practice facilitators build a healthcare system’s capacity for continuous improvement and accelerates changes for practices.

The evidence for practice facilitation suggests that the return on investment for the primary care team and organizations involved, as well as system funders, is 40%. More information is available in the Infographic below and the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)’s comprehensive paper: The Case for Practice Facilitation within Primary Care: A Primer and Advocacy Guide.

The Return on Investment of Practice Facilitation
CFPC’s Guide: The Case for Practice Facilitation within Primary Care