MyQ Physician Network

MyQ Physician Network is intended for physicians who want to add to their own MyQ journey and connect with peers on a similar path. It is an open discussion format, with tips and practical resources being shared to address the MyQ program participant issues.

Physicians participate in shared learning opportunities and collaboration within their practice, with peers and Practice Facilitators.

Learning Objectives

Physicians discuss principles that support practice improvement and how these apply in different practice contexts, review physician roles as leaders of quality improvement, and adapt communication approaches to effectively influence peers and stakeholders.


Participation in MyQ Physician Network is open to any physician registered in the MyQ Group Expedition Series, Virtual Mini-Programs or Self-Directed Online program elements. MyQ Physician Advisors and Practice Facilitators will join as appropriate to ensure follow up supports and identified resources are made easily accessible.

Note: General participation in sharing and learning is on a volunteer drop-in basis. Physicians who are asked to deliver content and/or mentor colleagues will receive a remuneration for their time.


These 60-minute calls will be held monthly from 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. (schedule to be provided upon registration). These are optional calls that provide added value through peer-based dialogue.

Registration is now open!