MyQ Physician Network

MyQ Physician Network is intended for NL family physicians who want to enhance their practice through quality improvement and connect with peers on a similar path. Each session begins with a short informational topic followed by an open discussion format facilitated by a MyQ Physician Advisor and NL Physician Champion to engage participants in problem solving, sharing tips and practical resources.

Value for Physicians

Physicians play a key role in healthcare transformation. These peer-to-peer discussions highlight examples of the successful implementation of practice improvements and ways to engage others in quality improvement

Participation in MyQ Physician Network is open to any NL family physician. A NL physician champion, MyQ Advisors and Practice Facilitators support the program and participants with quality improvement. Your participation can involve listening to the discussion, sharing your ideas or asking for advice/ideas.

Upcoming Dates and Topics To Be Determined

Upcoming dates and topics are under review, please click the contact us button to receive an update when the dates/topics are available.

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