Group Expedition Series

The Group Expedition is a team-based, structured learning program. Running over the course of a year, it brings together expert advisors, peer-shared learning, and resources supported by practice facilitation in your own clinic.

Learning Objectives

  • Review your current practice including: your patient panel, their access and continuity to you
  • Identify opportunities to improve that matter to you
  • Apply quality improvement methods and tools within your practice
  • Select and track measures that will help guide your improvement journey
  • Use the EMR technology to inform practice improvement
  • Identify and develop other sources of practice data

Participation in the Group Expedition requires a team-based approach. Working with a MyQ Practice Facilitator and supported by MyQ Senior Advisors, teams take part in six learning sessions with additional intermittent teleconferences and practical testing of improvements in your clinic.

Please contact us if you would be interested in participating in a Group Expedition.

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