Facilitated Virtual Mini-Programs

Facilitated Virtual Mini-Programs offer physicians and their teams quick and effective learning sessions on how to address core areas in their practice. Each program covers a different topic - 'So Many Patients, Not Enough Me', 'Home on Time' and 'Caring for My Patients' Common Issues'. Please see the description below for more details.


Physicians are required to attend a total of three two-hour virtual learning events, once a month over the course of three months. Physicians are encouraged to include staff as participants. A Practice Facilitator will support in-clinic quality improvement implementation.

Previous Mini-Programs

So Many Patients, Not Enough Me

Calm the chaos by building your internal team, knowing which patients are yours, and testing ways the team can help you plan patient-centred care. So Many Patients, Not Enough Me provides testing and learning activities to apply in practice.

Home On Time

Optimize the team and resources available for better quality, office flow and efficiency. Home On Time uses basic QI methods to test changes to help you "get home on time".

Mini-Program: Caring for My Patients' Common Needs

Identify and improve processes for common Needs that are a big part of your daily practice: prescription renewals, screening, and planning for panel based care.

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