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MyQ – Quality in Family Practice delivers practical resources for family practice teams in Newfoundland and Labrador. Resources on this page are intended to help family practice teams address some of the key issues facing primary care practices and are freely available to you today. These offer physicians and staff team members proven ideas for improvements in routine processes. For guided support, sign up for a MyQ Program Offering.

Family Physician Tips for Demand Reduction
Family Physician Tips for Quality Improvement
Clinic Huddle Checklist


MyQ EMR Dashboard and Proxy Panel Reports

These resources are available upon sign-up.

MyQ EMR Dashboard

eDOCSNL partnered with MyQ to develop the MyQ EMR Dashboard within MedAccess to support practices with information about their patient panels and clinic processes in their MyQ quality improvement journey. The dashboard automates many measures to reduce measurement burden on the practice and contains the following information:

  • My Panel Size
  • All Unassigned Patients
  • Patient Count by Gender and Age
  • Panel (1yr) Appointments
  • Third Next Available Appointment (not currently in use)
  • Demographic Validation Rate
  • Internal Continuity Within Past Month (not currently in use)
  • My Appointment Cycle Time
  • My No Show in Past 1 Year
  • My Appointment Activity

MyQ Proxy Panel Reports

The MyQ Proxy Panel Report is a tool which provides information on the physicians’ active patient panel based on administrative data held by the Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information including MCP Fee-for-Service Physician Claims Database, Meditech Admissions Module, and the Provincial Discharge Abstract Database. It is a useful tool to support the measurement component for ongoing quality improvement as it contains information about how patients use services and the healthcare system. Such insight is important for family physicians to consider when reviewing how they practice, highlight opportunities for improvement, and provides further understanding of baseline performance.