The Program Elements

Each program varies in its intensity and level of support, all coming with the option of CPD credits. Our programs include:

Facilitated Virtual Mini-Programs

Three Mini-Programs will be offered for those who want a guided learning option in a smaller dose. Each mini-program will have three two-hour webinars with time to apply practical and proven tools and methods between sessions. Topic options will include ‘flow across your practice’ and ‘panel processes that matter’, as well as one topic to be determined based on interest.

Self-Directed Online Modules

Self-directed practical learning modules are available for those who want to learn and make improvements on their own and at their own pace.

MyQ Physician Network

The MyQ Physician Network is a network of NL family physicians participating in shared learning and collaboration with others to advance MyQ.

Physicians can engage in their own practice improvement journey and participate in shared learning and collaboration within their practice, with peers and Practice Facilitators.

Group Expedition Series

Registration for the Expedition Series is now closed. Two Expedition Series were offered between 2020-2022 each series lasting one year. This team based structured learning program brings together the best of expert advisors, peer shared learning, and practical resources supported by practice facilitation support in your own clinic.